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Is classic gaming your thing? Are you a Tetris pro? Or did you prefer Super Mario Bros? Whichever gamer you were, we have awesome pixel fonts for your next gaming-themed project. Pixel fonts are also great for adding an 80’s theme to a sci-fi craft.

Don't forget you can use decorative designs in the digital world too; create retro-tech borders for your blog posts, banner ads or social media posts. Design your very own inspirational quote graphics or make a meme!

Kollage - Pixel Fonts
Haxxel - Pixel Fonts
Web Font Kollage - Pixel Fonts
Web Font Haxxel - Pixel Fonts
$10.00 USD

Free Pixel Fonts to take you back in time

There are so many ways to use your free pixel font to embellish some lovely 80’s themed handmade cards. Why not print out your image onto sturdy card stock and use it as a card topper, just attach some stick 3d pads to the back to make it ‘pop’ off the page.

Or, you could turn your quote into a repeat pattern, print it on a sheet of thin vellum paper, and add it as a card insert - this would look amazing inside party invites! (use a thin line of double-sided tape to make sure you don’t get any messy-looking glue marks where you attach it). Making a kids card? Why not turn your free pixel font quotes into a set of stickers to put inside - we all know how much kids love stickers!

Bring your Pixel Font File to the future.

The majority of our pixel font file collection is compatible with most design software and crafting machines, so you have the flexibility to edit your designs to suit your chosen medium. Whether you are looking to make custom bunting, heat transfer vinyl to customize an outfit, or making your very own personalized quilt, we have got you covered.

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