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Here at Font Bundles, we collaborate with some of the best graphic designers out there to bring you top quality downloads, so all your arts and crafts projects will have a beautiful, professional finish, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Check out our gorgeous rough fonts collection and see what awesome design ideas these laid back fonts inspire in you.

This particular collection features a selection of fonts that have an earthy, organic quality that’s ideal for any projects to do with nature, eco products, travel, animals and wildlife, open air sports or even simple outdoor hobbies.

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By 50Fox

Go on a digital walkabout with some free rough fonts

Since these fonts are not going for a sleek look, you should kick back and embrace the chill nature of these free rough fonts - get a breath of fresh air and let your creativity flow with it.

If you’re a fan of hiking or camping, then you can use your favorite font to do some really traditional crafting. Why not type out your favorite slogan, team name or family motto and use your download as a template to make a patch or badge and stitch it onto your outdoor gear, like a jacket or backpack. If you have an RV or off-road vehicle, you could also make a fun vinyl decal to affix to your vehicle - you could also make regular stickers, but decals are more sturdy and will put up with the wear and tear much longer.

If you have a travel blog or write about other topics to do with the great outdoors, a rough font would be perfect for your titles and subheadings. Just from the look of the letters, your readers will start to feel the pull of nature.

A rough fonts file will rough-le your feathers

Given the nature of these fonts, more natural color schemes might work best with your rough fonts file, such as browns and greens. But there’s no need to be conventional if you don’t want to - all our downloads are super easy to edit, so you can upload your file into software such as Design Space or Inkscape and play around with different color combinations to see what suits your personality best.

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