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From wanting to be cowboys as kids, why not relive that wonderful nostalgia and make some old world inspired arts and crafts with our fun, energetic and bold collection of western fonts - taking you back to the harsh desserts, piano-tinkling saloons and thrilling stand-offs of the Old West. Whether crafting is just a hobby or part of your business, you’ll be sure to make some swell pieces with the help of our fonts and your art supplies!

Where we’re going, we don't need roads. All you’ll need to journey into the past is one of our killer fonts and your crafting project or online content will instantly feel like it came straight from the wild west. You can make some amazing decorations for your home, fun themed party decorations and novelty props, make some posters for your kids to play with or simply inject an vintage style into your online presence.

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Outlaw western font

If you don’t get some free western fonts, it’ll be an afront-ier!

This particular theme is a wonderful one to kick back and do some good old fashioned crafting with. Download a bunch of free western fonts, put on an Eastwood classic, dust off your Cricut machine and let’s get creatin’. Yee-haw!

When it comes to Halloween or dress up parties, it’s all about the theme. You want to create something that’s instantly recognisable, yet fun and exciting, easy to create, without losing its authentic charm. With that in mind, a western font is just the tool you need to achieve the perfect party atmosphere. You can design your invitations to look like vintage wanted posters, featuring every guests’ photo as the titular bandit. For the venue itself, you can use other western fonts for the signage and menus. You could even make banners and streamers with some traditional frontier jargon or famous spaghetti western movie quotes!

If printing on paper or card, to save on using too much ink, just print our your font designs in black and white and then use a dilute watercolor paint, or even tea or coffee, to stain the paper, to give it that rustic look.

Ride into that sunset with your western fonts file

However you choose to get crafting with your western fonts file, just remember that every download comes with a dual license, so you can make fun arts and crafts for yourself, or you can apply your chosen font commercially and create a new look for your brand, product range or website.

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