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Making Cute Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Making Cute Birthday Cupcake Toppers

It's Always nice to be able to create your own accessories to give your party for a loved one that personal touch. With simple things like card stock, glue and a great font you can make fantastic things like banners and cake toppers.

Today I am going to share with you all a tutorial on how to make cute cake toppers. These can be for any age birthday or celebration, but for this tutorial I am making them for a 2nd birthday party.

Birthday Cupcakes Crafting

In this tutorial I will be using the Spring Font Bundle from Fontbundles.net, and specifically the font Tynabella Script. 

To make Cupcake Toppers you will need the following-

Spring Font Bundle

Silhouette machine (or other electronic cutting machine)

Pink Cardstock

Patterned paper

Silver Metallic Cardstock

Xyron 150 (or other glue)


Hot Glue Gun (or sticky tape)

1- In Silhouette Studio software,type the words you would like to use for the cake toppers. Today I will be using the words  HAPPY, BIRTHDAY, TWO  and the number 2. 

Silhouette Cupcake Design

2- Once you have Typed your works, you will need to change the font to Tynabella Script. Highlight all your words and select the font.

Tynabella Font Silhouette Design

3-  Next you will need shapes for the number cake toppers. In the silhouette store they have an array of shapes you can purchase. I have chosen the scallop nesting file.

Select Shape for Cupcakes

4- Double click to select the file and send it to your page.

Shape Selected Silhouette

5- Once on your page select the scallop nesting file and then click "ungroup". Once the file is ungrouped, select the scallops you would like to use and delete the unwanted files.

Adding another shape

6- Resize the shapes and next them to fit inside of each other, this will be the basis the topper with the number 2 will sit on. Leave to one side.

Resize design

7- Highlight the first word. Using the offset tool create an offset around the word.

Highlighting the first word

8-  While the offset is selected, change the colour of the line, so when you cut it out, you can cut each part of the cake topper separately without having to keep moving the parts of the file.

Changing colour in Silhouette

9- Double click on the offset to bring up the point editing tool. With your mouse click on a node point in the center of the letter "o" then delete the nodes to remove the center cut line.

Double click on editing tool

10- Do steps 7-9 on the other words.

Happy Birthday text

11- Line up the 2 shapes and the number 2. Make sure each layer is a different colour, this way the layers will be easier to cut.

Line up the shapes in Silhouette Studio

12- Resize and duplicate the toppers to the number you need.

Duplicate the design

13- Cut with the silhouette the different layers in your chosen cardstock and patterned papers.

Cut with your Silhouette Machine

14- Once the layers are cut run them through the Xyron machine to put a layer of adhesive on the back of the card.

  If you do not have a Xyron machine, any glue pen will work.

Cut out design

Printed designs

15- Layer the cut words and shapes.

Cut the words and shapes

16- Finally, with a hot glue gun adhere the toothpicks to the back of each topper.

Glue design to toothpicks

The cupcake toppers are now ready to be used. 

*when using cupcake toppers for small children's parties, please remove the topper before giving any child the cupcake*

Happy 2nd Birthday Cupcakes

Two cupcakes

Happy Second Birthday Cake Design

These cupcake toppers are a great way to jazz up any party. They take no time at all to make.

The great fonts that Fontbundles.net provide were perfect to make attractive and easy to assemble cupcake toppers.

The Spring Font Bundle is available now for USD$20.00. All other products used can be found at your local craft store.

Until next time.....

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