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Create a Unique Wedding Memory Memento

Create a Unique Wedding Memory Memento

We recently repainted the main floor of our house, which means I had to take down all of the artwork I originally hung after moving in.

I haven't put it back up because I wanted to make some new art for the wall but I'm still trying to figure out what that will be.

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day. I saw that someone take a photo of a wedding bouquet and turn it into art made with embroidery thread. It was stunning!

I'm not skilled in how to translate a photo into embroidery art but I loved that concept.

So here's my take on that using my most trusted tools!

The Supply List:

The first step is to take your photo of the bouquet and clean it up in photoshop. Mine went from this:

To this:

If you're curious, that's a family heirloom broach on the front of my wrap. I t was my something old.

Now that you have a clean image to work with let's bring it into Silhouette Studio. I always use the merge tool found in the file drop-down menu.

I have a 10" embroidery hoop that I'm using so I drew a 10" circle in the software so I could scale the photo appropriately.

*here's a tip, hold the shift button down as you create the shape to draw a circle.

Now scale your bouquet to fit within the circle.

I only want the actual image of the bouquet to be out of the heat transfer material. So we need to trace the image to create a cut line around the photo.

Click "trace the outer edge" to only cut the edge.

Now you see that there is a red outline around the photo of the bouquet.

Group the cut line and the bouquet together so you don't accidentally move them apart from each other. Move the circle off to the side since we don't need it anymore.

Change the page size to printer paper size.

Next, add the registration marks so we can make this a print and cut project.

Go ahead and send it to be printed.

I also want to add a note to the edge of the embroidery hoop. I'm using the font Sweet Nothings serif from the Tremendous Font Bundle 2. We'll cut this out of vinyl in a little bit.

Let's print that beautiful bouquet image onto the heat transfer paper.

Fun fact: I DIY'd my own flowers for the whole wedding! Yep, this bouquet too.

Then place it on the cutting mat and send it to be cut out.

This is the tricky part! Peeling up the image without tearing it. Use your spatula tool and carefully work it up. Take your time here!

Let's prep your fabric. I ended up choosing to use a piece of lace material I had in my fabric stash. I thought it went well with the whole wedding theme, plus it's unique!! Just give it a quick press or iron to get any wrinkles out.

Lay your bouquet in the center and press it.

Here's how it looks after being pressed. I love the texture showing through, it makes the flowers come to life.

Next, lay the fabric around the inner ring of the embroidery hoop and center it as best as possible.

Now place the outer ring on top and pull the fabric tight. Once you're happy with how its placed, tighten the top screw to make it secure.

Flip it over and using sharp scissors trim away the excess fabric.

Sooo pretty!!!

Let's finish the last detail...adding our saying to the edge.

Cut the saying in vinyl (I used a scrap piece) and weed away the extra material.

Add your transfer tape on top (again I'm using a scrap from the washi tutorial).

Place the vinyl on the embroidery hoop edge. I centered it on the right-hand side of mine.

Gah!I love it!!

You're itching to make one for yourself too now aren't you?!?

This is going to be a fun addition to my family gallery wall. I'll take pictures and post them on Instagram when it's done. If you don't follow me yet come and join the party @designedtobecrafty!

Psstt...this would also make an AMAZING anniversary gift. Just saying... :)

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