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Foiled Business Card Tutorial.

Foiled Business Card Tutorial.

One of the fantastic things about Fontbundles.net  and Designbundles.net  is that they offers an array of FREE fonts and design files.

One of the files is the Free Business Card template that you can download.

But how shall you use the file?

Well today I will show you how to use it in Silhouette designer studio software in combination with the Heidi Swapp Minc machine to foil them.

You will need the following-
FREE Business Card file
Silhouette Machine/software
Heidi Swapp Minc Machine /Foil
Laser Printer
Design bundle
Card Stock

1- Go to Designbundles.net and download your free Business card file.

2- Once you have downloaded it open the file into the silhouette software.

3- When the file opens you will see that the silhouette software wants convert the PDF file. Select vector as the file option and hit import.

4-Your file will open up in silhouette software. Go to the design settings and select A4 (or letter) paper.

5- Move the file to fit into your page.

6- Select your file and then click on the ungroup button.

7- Go ahead and delete the text, so you can add your own.

8- Re select all the files and change the fill colour to transparent and the line colour as red so it is easier to see.

9- Re group the file.

10- The lines are perforated in the file, I selected the line style and changed them to solid so they cut completely.  Also check the line thickness. Make sure it is set to 0.0pt so when you print your file the lines will not print.

11- Start typing your text. I am using Southampton font from the Design bundle .

12- As we are printing with a laser printer to foil fill the text in black and the line colour in black too.

13- Resize to fit the business card template.

14- Using YoungHeart font type your second line of text for the card.

15- Fill with black and change the line colour to black too.

16- Continue to type the rest of your text onto your business card and fill with black also. Adjust the text to fit your card.

17- Select the cut settings. You will see that the text highlights. We do not want to cut the text, so select it and then select the no cut option. this will print the image but not cut it.

18- Duplicate the text into each business card box on the template.Group them all together.

19- Ensure that the whole file including the text is centred.

20-With this print and cut file we cannot use the registration marks. As you can see below if we add them they will be over the template and text.

21-  Because of the issue with the registration marks we will be cutting the file without them.

22- Print your file.

23- Place the foil onto the card stock over your text. place into the transfer folder as per manufactures instructions and run through your Heidi Swapp Minc machine on setting 3.

I used 3 different colours cards and foils for my sheets.

24- When you attach the card stock to your cutting mat, make sure that you place the card exactly at the top left of the mat and it is places straight. As we are cutting only rectangles/straight lines you should not have an issue with it cutting around the text correctly with out the registration marks.

25- Cut the file.

 26- Once the file is cut, take off the mat and your business cards are complete.

Once you have the file all set up, save and it can be used over and over again. If you do not want foiled ones you can simply colour the text and print with a colour printer.

Foiled cards can look fantastic and if you do not need a large number can end up being more economical than paying for someone to make them for you.

Until next time.....

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