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How to Make a Quote Card

How to Make a Quote Card

The new Spring Fonts Bundle is now available over at Fontbundles.net, and what better way to share a couple of the new fonts included in the bundle than to show you exactly how easy it is to create a simple card.

With the Spring Fonts Bundle you will receive 20 amazing fonts, all PUA encoded and for only USD$20.00.

Today I will be using Fashionista and Lovelight in my tutorial.

We will be creating a quick and easy card for all occasions. This simple card is to showcase that with fonts, you can whip up cards in only a few minutes.

Here is the card-

Quote Card Design

So lets get started!!!!

First up you will need the following-

Spring Fonts Bundle

White Cardstock

Silhouette Studio software

Silhouette Cameo (not essential)

Heidi Swapp Minc gold Foil

Heidi Swapp Minc Machine (not essential)

Laser printer (not essential)

All not essential items I will share alternative options in the tutorial

1- Firstly ensure you have the Spring Fonts Bundle installed. Once this is completed open up Silhouette Studio software.

2- Type the sentiment you would like into the software. Type each word separate so you have the freedom to move each word about.

Quote Card Design Start

3- Highlight each word and change to the font that you would like. In this case I used Lovelight for the first 3 words and Fashionista for the last word. Move and resize each word to fit together as a sentiment. Then using the "fill colour" option fill the words in black and also change the line colour to black. Then highlight all words and group them. Lastly check the no cut option so when you go to cut Silhouette will not cut them out.

Creating the Quote Design

4- Next create the card. Using the rectangle tool draw a rectangle approx 15 cm wide and 20 cm long. Select the line tool and draw a line down the middle of the rectangle, approx in the middle. To keep the line straight hold onto the "shift" button while drawing the line this will lock the line straight. To ensure your line is in the middle of your card, select both the rectangle and the line drawn and use the "align" tool to center them. Highlight the line by itself and use the option to make the line perforated. Group the line and rectangle together.

You are Simply Amazing Design

5- As we will be doing a print and cut, select the option for print and cut. This will place registration marks on your page and print them for the silhouette machine to scan. Arrange the sentiment and card outline in the registration marks. Resize the sentiment to fit.

Arrange the design

 At this point if you do not have a silhouette machine, highlight the card outline and change the line thickness from 0.0 pt to 0.2pt. This will print a fine line for you to cut using a trimmer or scissors.


6- Print your card. As we are going to be foiling this card, you will need to print with a laser printer in black.

If you do not have access to a laser printer, print using a regular printer and take it to a copy shop to photocopy. All photocopiers use toner (which is what reacts to the foil) so a photocopy will work just as well as a laser printer.

7- Place your printed page onto your cutting mat and cut following the Silhouette Studio instructions.

Silhouette cutting Quote Card Design

8- Once cut, remove off your mat. Take the foil and a protective sleeve out ready to use. Meanwhile turn on your Heidi Swapp Minc machine to warm up. I am using setting 3.

Design + Foil

At this point if you do not have a Heidi Swapp Minc Machine and protective sleeve you can use a regular laminator with a HOT setting or an iron. For both of these you will need to place your project in between a folded piece of copy paper to protect the card. Use the laminator the same way you would use the Minc machine. With the Iron lay flat and on a hot setting iron over the copy paper with the card inside. The aim is to re heat the toner so the foil will adhere to it.

9- Cut the foil to fit your card.

Start to cut the foil to fit your card

10- Place the foil over the sentiment and place in your protective sleeve.

Run card through Minc Machine

11- Run the card through the warmed up Minc machine on setting 3.

Minc Machine

12- Once completely run through let cool for a few seconds, and remove out of the protective sleeve.

Card after going through Minc machine

13- Slowly peel the foil off the card to show the sentiment, which is now foiled in gold.

Peel away the foil

Foil fully peeled away

14- Fold your card in 1/2 and it is complete!!!!!

If you would like, you could add some more bling with gems or even tie a ribbon on the cards spine.

Whatever you choose this simple card is quick and easy to make, and will impress whoever you send it to!

It is amazing to think just a few fonts from the  Spring Fonts Bundle created this card!!!!

You Are Simply Amazing Quote Card

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and I look forward to sharing with everyone more wonderful ways to use your fonts.

You can find all the fonts I used in the  Spring Fonts Bundle for only USD$20.00

Until next time......

Tara Signature

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