Cute Fonts


Add a delightful dose of adorableness to your next creative project and get designing and crafting with our super sweet cute fonts. Whether you want to add a touch of cuteness to your personal arts and crafts or want your brand or business to have your customers swooning, you’ve come to the right place.

The best thing about our fonts is that, with the right amount of whimsy, any style can become cute - some rounding here, some asymmetry there, a dash of humor and voila! You’ve got yourself a pheromone-inducing font that’ll bring a smile to even the gloomiest of Mondays.

Our free cute fonts are a cute above the rest!

With so many amazing designers and endless catalogues of options, today’s crafters and hobbyists are spoilt for choice when it comes to resources for their creative work. To save you time, we’ve put together comprehensive collections of top quality fonts, so for the best downloads out there, you need look no further than Font Bundles! Have a browse of our free cute fonts and get started on some original new artistic projects.

Personalizing our accessories never fails to keep us entertained. Caught up in the excitement of getting the latest hot thing, we all end up with the same stuff. But with your own cute font, your run of the mill phone cover can become a one of a kind piece that looks awesome and communicates your personality and style.

While you can use your Cricut or Sizzix machine to make standard stickers, a vinyl decal is a lot more durable and will weather the wear and tear of daily use much better.

Your cute fonts file will last a while!

Vinyl decals can last for ages without losing the quality finish, but if you want to be able to affix your cute fonts file to different, and trickier surfaces, you can give waterslide decals a try. The process is quite fiddly, but if you follow the instructions, you can affix your design onto porcelain, glass, bamboo or even a candle!

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