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This page showcases our range of Rounded Fonts. There’s something for every taste here and the uses for these fonts are endless! You can personalize your accessories or make the perfect party decorations, jazz up your social media posts, liven up your website or blog, design a new logo for your brand, or get going on some fun and original arts and crafts, to make as gifts or just for yourself.

We have thousands of both free and paid Rounded Fonts files available for download. Below are some that you can find for download or purchase from our website.

Rounded Fonts
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We like round fonts and we cannot lie, you other crafters can't deny...Free Rounded Fonts

Have you found a free Rounded Font that fits perfectly with your company's style but are unsure of how to get it to all tie in together on things like social media graphics? Well worry not, there is a handy free tool that will leave your projects looking polished in no time and it’s called Canva?

You can upload your free rounded font to Canva (just go to the text selector drop down and at the very bottom you will see ‘upload font’) to then use on any project you like. It’s really easy to edit the text in Canva to create social media templates you can use multiple times. If you want your text to match exactly to something you have on your image already all you need to do is highlight the text, click on the color choice box and scroll down the left-hand menu it opens up. Right at the bottom of that menu, you’ll see ‘Photo Colors’ and Canva will have picked out the range of dominant colors in any images you have uploaded.

A Rounded Fonts File will be ‘a-round’ forever!

You will find your chosen Rounded Font file is incredibly quick and easy to download and edit. You can change up the whole style of images and designs in your portfolio in just a few clicks, which you can edit in your design software of choice and use with either traditional hand crafting techniques or a die cutting machine to personalize objects.

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