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There’s nothing like indulging our fascination with the fantastical and make believe to really help us run wild with creative ideas. Whether you want to decorate a venue, make some original artwork for your home or craft a special gift for someone, our fantasy fonts are ideal to bring a touch of mystical into your crafting projects.

From ancient myths, legends and folklore to classic novels and modern television series - there’s no denying our love of the fantasy genre. And as far as art and design go, there are few topics you can have as much fun with!

Fantasy Fonts
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Cast a spell with your free fantasy fonts

There’s so much fun to be had with our free fantasy fonts, the only question is where your imagination will take you. Our collection features over 200 different styles with many discounted as much as 50%, so what are you waiting for!

If you have a blog or website that’s dedicated to the fantasy genre - be it books, films or graphic novels - you should have a font that pays tribute to the subject matter at hand. You can pick a more dramatic and bold font to update your headings, navigation menus or newsletters, and a more elven and delicate font for the main body of the content - all mythical creatures should be represented!

You could even use your font to jazz up your promotional content and product range - print off special thank you tags or loyalty cards, design complementary postcards for every purchase or print out your own unique packaging and gift wrap, so you customers instantly associate their item with fantasy and your brand, simply from the choice of letting.

We won’t fan-tease you - get yourself a fantasy fonts file right now!

The best thing about Font Bundles downloads is that they save you so much time and hassle of complicated graphic design and editing, especially if you’re just a beginner. Your fantasy fonts file can be yours and ready to edit in just a couple of clicks, and you can easily tweak it to perfection in whatever design software you’re most comfortable using.

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