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Crafting is an activity that shouldn’t always be taken too seriously - whether you’re a professional and crafting is a crucial part of your business, or you’re just a beginner having a bit of fun, some funny fonts are an ideal addition to your digital portfolio and will inspire you to come up with lots of new ideas, from scrapbooking to redesigning your home!

How can a font be funny, you may wonder? Well, it’s all about content and context, but a well-chosen font that has a relaxed and carefree feel about it will definitely help set the tone and make the reader instantly feel at ease, before they’ve even read a word.

Funny Fonts
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You’ll be laughing out loud with our free funny fonts

A fun blog, hilarious review or even an anecdote in the comments of a social media post can be the perfect antidote to all the negativity we’re saturated with on a daily basis. You can contribute to this and help put a smile on someone’s face by using our free funny fonts to put some light-hearted content out there and hopefully, make your readers laugh!

You can use your font to update your website landing pages and give your font headings a make-over. If your previous font is a little outdated or too serious, our jolly selection features over a thousand different options and styles, so you’re bound to find something that works perfectly with your brand or topics you discuss.

Our fonts can be edited in lots of different software packages, including Design Space, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Canva or Silhouette Studio as just a few examples. See which software you’re most comfortable using and download the appropriate file format.

Enhance your humor with a funny fonts file

Worrying about how to make your idea a reality really is a joke. Your easy-to-download, multi-format funny fonts file offers you access to our unlimited customer support and comes with a lifetime download guarantee, as well as some amazing learning resources through our sister site Design Bundles. They’re also dual-licensed, which means they’re available for both personal and commercial use.

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