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We all love a bit of retro charm, so get yourself some hippie fonts and make love, not war, dude...

Take advantage of our dual-license and use your favorite hippie font for personal or commercial projects, plus be sure to check out our amazing discounts with as much as 50% off many options. Our versatile, easy to use downloads save you so much time in editing and production, that you can put all your focus into your creativity. Whether you’re into boho chic, flower power, tribal patterns or vibrant bold looks, our hippie collection has everything you need.

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$1.00 USD
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$1.00 USD
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$1.00 USD
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$1.00 USD
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Hippy fonts

Weed Font

Weed Font
Weed Font Image 2
$16.00 USD
Weed Font Image 3
$14.00 USD

Dope Font

Hipp-ick out out some fun free hippie fonts

Time to get down and groove with some of our awesome free hippie fonts.

Once you’ve picked out a hippie font that works with your company's style and aesthetic, you can take it one step further and incorporate the look with your social media graphics. Canva is just the handy tool you need to make your layouts look polished and professional, and all in no time at all! You can access the color profile of any image you upload into Canva and if you want your existing graphics or background color to match exactly to an element of your hippie font, all you need to do is highlight the layer or item you want to change, click on the color choice box, scroll down the left hand menu and select ‘Photo Colors’. Canva will have picked out the range of dominant colors in any images you have uploaded.

Even something as subtle as a color change can give consistency and cohesion to your entire design - make your webpage and social media dazzle with 60s passion!

Flare up your portfolio with a hippie fonts file

There’s so much fun you could have with the 60s aesthetic, you should take your time and play around with your chosen hippie fonts file to see how many awesome combinations you could come up with. Our partner site Design Bundles also has hundreds of epic, hippie inspired backgrounds and images so you can have the best of both worlds!

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