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Create Your Own Family Math Sign

Create Your Own Family Math Sign

Are you a fan of the farmhouse trend? I very much am! I don't like to make my whole house a "theme" per say but I do like to include elements.

The key to having a welcoming and warm home is including personal items and memories for guests to enjoy. Also, make sure it's a mix of textures and colors. This keeps the art interesting and it really pulls the room together. I have hints of mint green throughout my home that's primarily neutral.

I love seeing the wood signs showing the "family math" representing the parents and kids. I just wanted to make my own twist to that trendy design.

First of all, I made mine metal with vinyl. Secondly, I wanted to change what the equation equaled to as "home" instead of the actual math or simply writing family or home.

The Supply List:

You know the drill! Open up Silhouette Studio and set the page as your sign size.

Start typing out your text. I'm using Heavenfield Typewriter for the numbers. It's from the Best Sellers Font Bundle Vol. V (I'm kinda obsessed with this new font)

Click on the corner and drag to make it larger. I'm going to fill up most of the sign with the design.

To create the home portion I found some great dingbat images in the Kristof Doodles font, also part of the Best Sellers Bundle Vol. V

To access the images of the font, click on the script A along the top of the text style panel.

Drag the corner again to scale it larger.

As you can see, the box around the house image is much larger than the actual house. This will make the align tool improperly align it.

The quick fix is to release the compound path.

Then with the image still selected, make it a compound path again.

I use this trick all the time when I see that the selection window doesn't match the actual design.

Now let's draw the "equals" bar along the bottom of the numbers. Click draw a rectangle on the left-hand side of the screen.

Simply draw out the rectangle bar. You can stretch and move it around with your mouse until you're happy with it.

Head over to the handiest panel there is, the transform panel. Use the center align tool with everything selected to have it centered on the page.

It's ready to be sent to cut. Make sure to adjust the cut settings for the proper material.

Attach the vinyl to your cutting mat and load it in the machine. Click the send button and watch the magic happen.

I cut the piece of vinyl to the exact size of the sign so I could line it up with the edges to make sure it's centered properly.

Weed out the extra material leaving the design on the backer paper. Cut a piece of transfer tape to size as well.

I also cut out the one unused portion of the vinyl as a scrap for a future project. I just can't waste any of it!!

Attach the transfer tape on top of the vinyl and align it on the sign with the paper backing still attached. Having the one corner to stick to the metal is extremely helpful.

Once aligned, carefully peel away the paper backing with the one corner still attached.

Now use your scraper tool to firmly adhere the vinyl to the metal sign and carefully peel off the transfer tape. I find working at an angle is best when peeling.

That's it! The sign is done and ready to be added to the collage wall.

It looks great in its new home within the family collage wall.

Did you see that there are other items I've made in previous blog posts in the mix?

Here is the link for the wedding bouquet embroidery hoop piece. This is the link for the wood-framed poster art.

Here's the whole wall scene with my homemade curtains as well. Yes, I literally DIY everything I possibly can in this world.

I want to see your family math signs too!!Make sure to tag me on Instagram @designedtobecrafty if you make any of my projects. It makes my whole day to see them.

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