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Are you a crafter or creative looking to enhance your graphic design, social media channels, visual arts or other design projects with Military Fonts? We have you covered.

From bold, tough, industrial typefaces to strong stencil cutout fonts that make imposing display fonts, lettering with a touch of retro and a vintage feel and hand-drawn decorative fonts made for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, on this page you will find a vast array of Military Fonts which are perfect for representing and celebrating the heroes in our armed forces.

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Stand to attention! Free Military Fonts here

A typical visual in the armed forces are crates full of supplies or ammunition with spray-painted markings describing the contents. You can replicate this style by making your very own military-inspired stencil. All you need is one of our premium or free Military Fonts, clear craft plastic, and easy tack repositionable adhesive.

Install your chosen font, open up Design Space, type out your chosen wording and add a shape over your file (make sure to give yourself adequate space around the image), highlight all layers and click ‘slice’ to make your stencil. If there are any pieces that are going to get lost when you cut, add a small elongated rectangle bridging shape to them, weld it to the sliced image to create a tab to hold the center of the letters in place when you cut. Once the design is cut, flip it over and spray a layer of adhesive to the back and there you have your very own stencil!

Fight for Freedom with a Military Fonts File

No matter how you want to use your Military Fonts we have you covered. These Military Fonts Files are perfect for handcrafted posters, web design, branding, illustrations, badges, online games, posters, movie titles, military t-shirt/apparel, magazines, and social media page covers.

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