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Don’t flapper-round - get yourself some stunning art deco fonts and have some fun with this unique and statement style.

In the wake of WWI, the art deco style emerged, incorporating modernist aesthetics, bold and geometric lines and striking patterns and textures. You can truly embrace the look and energy of the Jazz Age with our gorgeous selection of stylized fonts that bring that golden post-war era into the 21st century.

Whether you’re revamping your webpage, want to add a little vintage style to your social media posts or simply want to craft something beautiful for your home, our typography collection is the perfect place to start.

Art Deco Fonts
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Elevate the art of decorating with our free art deco fonts

Channel the beauty of the roaring 20’s with our beautiful selection of free art deco fonts and remember to check out our amazing discounts on a wide variety of downloads.

The irresistible chic of the art deco aesthetic never fails to make a design instantly eye-catching and attract customers both young and new. If you’re looking to decorate your shop, physical or online, or need to adorn an event venue, then some voguish signage may be just the thing you need. Pick a signature font that can serve as your shop name, entrance banners, information points and menu. And don’t forget - art deco isn’t just about the letters themselves, but also the beautiful borders. You can keep the aesthetic going throughout your webpage or premises with the clever use of geometric shapes and lines. Our intricate typography files are ideal to use as a template and repurpose those gorgeous borders as ornaments in a bunch of different ways.

Speaking-of-easy use, download an art deco fonts file today!

Art deco didn’t just play around with fun and artistic typography, but also with vibrant and contrasting materials, including wood and chrome. If you have a crafting machine that can handle sturdier materials, you could use your art deco fonts file to cut the lettering out of one material and the negative space out of another - then you can fit the two parts together like a jigsaw et voila - a stunning piece of artwork that’s perfect to hang on a wall or at your store.

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