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Whether you’re a first time crafter or seasoned pro, enjoy crafting as a hobby or it’s an integral part of promoting your business, you’re going to find the perfect Condensed Fonts to help you with your next design right here.

Unsure what a condensed font is? A condensed font has letters with set widths that are narrower than in the standard typeface; the term is also often applied to fonts where each variation is much taller than it is wide with letters designed with tall and clean shapes. They are perfect for all sorts of projects such as posters, logos, book covers, headlines, signage, window shop design, magazine covers, editorial design, album covers, quotes, social media posts and many more.

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Stand tall with one of our free condensed Fonts!

Our collection includes free Condensed Fonts with all sorts of design elements and features. From tall ultra condensed sans serif fonts to strong retro letters with a ton of unique ligatures, fonts inspired by the current trend of sports texts with a very modern and cool headline style as well as hand-drawn, multi-weight display font family bundles, lettering with extended crossbars and chiseled terminals and classic sans serif styles. We are bound to have the perfect typeface for you.

These fonts work great for physical projects when combined with a die cutting machine, laser cutter or even a 3D printer, but don’t forget you can use them for digital products too! Logos, websites, web banners, newsletters, PDF documents, blogs, email, slide shows, standard-resolution tv & video presentations, cell phone splash screens. Our free Condensed Fonts are super versatile!

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Your chosen Condensed Fonts file is perfect for craft projects, farmhouse signs, stickers, social media, branding, logos, shirts, mugs, logos, headlines, titles, taglines, game designs, wedding invitations, greeting cards, website layouts, Instagram, business card, print ads, digital ads, magazines, posters, films and more!

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