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Whether it’s through a blog, a journal or social media posts, we all have a writer inside of us and whenever inspiration hits, nobody can resist the appeal of that classic vintage lettering. Awaken your muse and maybe write the next great American novel with our amazing typewriter fonts.

Writing tends to be a solitary activity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. Add some old world chic or dramatic flair to your next project with our generous selection of looks and styles. Each one of our fonts brings something a little different, so you can channel the feel of a traditional typewriter, while still keeping the overall look modern and suited to your individual style.

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$15.00 USD
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$10.00 USD
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Give our free typewriter fonts a Ker-wack and let them show you the Hemming-way

It was the best of times when Font Bundles offered so many discounted and free typewriter fonts!

Embrace your yearning for nostalgia and maybe even get a little wistful for the good old days with our beautiful selection of retro fonts. If you want to add a classic or quirky feel to your next post or layout, these are the perfect fonts to create that feel. To really embellish the vintage feel, why not print your letter, manuscript or greeting card on textured or stained paper, to resemble parchment and old publications. With the right crafting machine, such as the Cricut, you can even transfer your typography onto fabric, so you could DIY your own book bindings or personalize a cushion cover with your favorite quote or passage.

Since vintage elegance never fails to impress, you could create a range of gift wrap or product packaging for your business - it would liven up your deliveries and attract some new customers!

Kipling-ering on your ideas with your own typewriter fonts file

Ideas can come to us at the most unexpected times, but luckily for you, our downloads are so easy to use and edit that jotting down your thoughts in your chosen typewriter fonts file will be a piece of cake. Get your readers and followers more and more curious about your latest posts and news blasts.

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