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With the majority of modern creative work being achieved digitally, traditional techniques and styles are starting to fade out of today’s art scene. Keep a touch of old-school art alive with the help of our beautiful paint fonts.

Our collection features a wide variety of textures, colors and styles that imitate real brush strokes and painting techniques. Be it watercolors, oil or acrylic, you can make your digital lettering look like a freshly painted canvas in just a few minutes. Simply pick out your favorite font, download it and make any edits in your design software of choice.

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Paint splatter font

Paint drip font

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$17.00 USD
Paint drip font Image 3
Paint drip font Image 4
$16.00 USD
Paint drip font Image 5
Paint drip font Image 6
Paint drip font Image 8
$15.00 USD
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Brush up on your crafting with some free paint fonts

Time to breathe new life into your online presence with some of our free paint fonts.

If you write a creative blog or have a crafting website, one of these fonts is the ideal way to capture the creative essence of your content without overpowering the rest of your chosen graphics and backgrounds. You can update your landing pages, headers, blog titles, buttons, newsletters ads and much more.

If you wanted to use your font to create something tangible, you can use your crafting machine, like the Cricut, to use your paint font to make a beautiful engraving. Upload your chosen typography into Design Space and change the line type from ‘cut’ to ‘engrave’, follow the instructions on screen on how to install the engraving tip and where to place your material. Now you’re ready to engrave your lettering on a wide variety of materials, including wood, card, soft metals, plastic, acrylic and even leather.

Swatch how it’s done with a paint fonts file

Your finished engraving would make for a beautiful gift for friends and family, or you could frame it and decorate your home. You can use your paint fonts file to come up with so many fun different crafting projects - you can customize your home accessories, soft furnishing and garments, make decals for your personal items or fun promotional merch for your business.

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