Architect Fonts


On this page you will find all manner of Architect inspired fonts. From slightly distressed styles to modern engineering typefaces inspired by the clean and consistent lettering found on architectural and drafting blueprints, fonts inspired by labyrinth style maze designs and fonts reflecting native handwriting styles of architects perfect for engineering drawings, architectural presentations, and interior detail drawings.

The majority of our fonts are compatible with Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Scan N Cut, Adobe Illustrator and other cutting and design programs. Usually, no special software is required. The fonts can be opened and used in any software that can read standard fonts!

Architect Fonts Image 3
Architect Fonts Image 4
$19.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 5
$19.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 6
$10.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 7
$19.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 8
Architect Fonts Image 9
$10.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 10
$17.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 11
$19.00 USD
Architect Fonts Image 12
$19.00 USD

Blueprint Fonts

Blueprint Fonts Image 2
$7.50 USD
Blueprint Fonts Image 3
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One of our Free Architect Fonts will take you to so many levels!

Your Architect Fonts can be cut, printed and transferred onto all manner of materials such as wood, leather, felt and cotton as well as paper and card. It all depends on the capabilities of your die cutting machine. Designs found on this page can be used to make tote bags, décor, shirts, mugs, handmade gifts and much more.

How about embossing one of our free Free Architect Fonts onto cardstock? This is a great way to add something special to cards, invites and certificates. Using the Cricut Maker with an embossing pen, embossing powder and a pen adaptor you can draw your lettering onto your chosen paper project, sprinkle on the embossing powder, and heat it with the heat gun to see it all puff up to show your message loud and clear!

No need to subcontract your project with an Architect Fonts File

There’s never a bad time to expand your crafting repertoire, so add an Architect Fonts file to your digital portfolio and see what fun designs you can draft! Take advantage of our downloads’ dual-license and craft something cool for your business, as well as just your personal projects - inspire your followers to reach for new heights too!

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