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Once upon a time, horses were the main mode of transport, snail slime was considered a medicine and there were no downloadable fonts to help you create amazing designs and DIY beautiful arts and crafts. Thank goodness times have changed and a spelling mistake meaning you have to start all over is a thing of the past - download some beautiful historical fonts and create, recreate, hone your craft until it’s perfection!

This selection takes inspiration from many art movements and design styles throughout history, from Shakespearian calligraphy to Gothic print, manuscripts and even frontier posters. If you want to give your next project some vintage flair, our font files are the perfect tools to get you started.

Historical Fonts
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Go on a quest with our free historical fonts

Some free historical fonts are ideal to make the perfect designs to celebrate annual holidays and important milestones. Why not use your download to make some signage and party decorations to commemorate Independence Day, Juneteenth or even November 5th!

Making your own party decorations is a great way to not only flex your creative muscle, but save some money on zhuzhing up your venue and celebrating your theme with truly one-of-a-kind pieces. You can upload your font into design software such as Photoshop or Design Space and play around with the dimensions, proportions and color scheme. Once you have a design you’re happy with, you can use a crafting machine to make beautiful signage - you can simply print out your lettering on paper or card, or carve or emboss them onto more robust materials like plastic or wood. If printing on paper, you could stain it with watercolors, tea or coffee, or singe the borders slightly, to create a rustic, “olden days” effect.

Let your historical fonts file take you on a journey to the past

You can take your theme a step further and use your historical fonts file to design and print invitations, menus, gift cards and original merchandise, as well as designing some eye-catching promotional materials or newsletters, to help spread the word about your party and impress everyone with your gorgeous designs.

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