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Looking to add something new to your repertoire or next creative project? This collection is filled to the brim with designs ready to go, so whether you love cardmaking, papercraft, gift-making, scrapbooking, graphic design, video editing or journalling we have what you need.

If you’re looking to make some kid friendly arts and crafts or need to put together some family appropriate, fun content then Font Bundles is the perfect place to start - our childish fonts collection features hundreds of different styles that have a warm tone and playful aesthetic that’s perfect to grab the little ones’ attention - and more importantly, hold it!

It’s not only fun, but also healthy, to let go and allow ourselves to be silly every now and then. When it comes to graphic design for children, the immediate instinct may be to go for bright colors, big blocky shapes and silly cartoons, but actually, the overall tone of your layout can instantly become suitable for kids with just a simple change of font.

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Embrace your inner kid with some free childish fonts

Since you’re working on something for kids, then you might as well have some fun with it. Why not download a whole selection of different free childish fonts and play around with different looks - kids aren’t bothered by consistency, in fact they welcome constant change and new stimulus, so having a bunch of fonts may actually be visually that much more fun for them!

Digital and remote learning has skyrocketed in recent years and will probably continue to do so in the future. Having online resources at our disposal has completely changed the face of education - and design! You can create a whole catalog of content with just a couple of downloads from the comfort of your own home! Use your chosen fonts to present infographics, fact sheets, homework and games!

You can design everything for online use, but if you’re doing some in-person teaching as well, you can use your fonts to create posters, print-outs or even reward stickers for your students!

Your childish fonts file can be a teacher too!

Computer literacy has become as essential as reading and writing, so it’s important to get kids into it from an early age, but ideally through practical, educational means, not just silly games and mindless scrolling. Luckily, your childish fonts file is so user-friendly and easy to work with that you can include your little ones in the design process and start teaching them the basics of editing, graphic design as well as traditional crafting techniques!

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